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Romantic Couple

Couples Counseling

“No one has marital problems but wisdom problems.”- Martins Fatola. At The Vine, we help couples navigate conflict and grow stronger together. If you are an intending couple preparing for marriage, we can support you. We also help couples experiencing grid lock in communication, trust, and financial issues.

We will help you and your spouse sail through the storm confronting your relationship and you will use it as a stepping stone to a greater level of connection. We address the following common challenges among couples

  • Adjustment problems

  • Financial crisis

  • Lack of conflicts resolution skills

  • Emotional detachment

  • Lack of trust

  • Infidelity (financial and emotional)

  • Inability to heal from painful experience

  • Loss of pregnancy or child

  • Blended family problems

  • Cross-cultural marriage challenges

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