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Are you experiencing unreasonable and excessive worry? You know it’s excessive and unreasonable but yet you cannot stop it. There are 3 indicators you might be suffering from anxiety. They are impacts, intensity, and frequency.

Impact: Has it affected your ability to function in your day-to-day life. Are you constantly avoiding places, people, or certain situations? Are you constantly anticipating worst-case scenarios in situations? Do you often bring global pandemics to your local environment? You are not crazy you are experiencing anxiety.

Has worry stopped you from attending schools and places you normally enjoy going? Has your relationship with loved ones gone sour? Do they constantly complain you are always on the edge and not fun to be around?

Intensity: How intense is your worry? Do you often have symptoms like blurry vision, palpitation of heart, sweaty palms, shakiness, panic attack, shuttering, incoherent in speech, constant stomach aches, vomiting and many more?

Frequency: You constantly experience the above symptoms.

We use Therapy model that best suits you. Some are:

  • CBT: Identifying thoughts and belief system that creates anxiety

  • Mindfulness Strategies: Teaching you how to relax your body and mind

  • Exposure Therapy: In addition to mindfulness, we do in-vivo and gradual exposure to help you face the object of your fear and anxiety


We also offer CBT for children. This process is simple for children. We use the Turnaround package developed by Dr. McCarthy and Dr. Russ


Anxiety does not empty tomorrow of its sorrows, but only empties today of its strength.”—Charles Spurgeon

Please make that one phone call that will change your life now.

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