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Psychology Session


There is this overwhelming emotion that has taken over you. You feel it’s like a heavy weight that has refused to go. You feel unmotivated and have lost interest in things that you used to enjoy. You have started isolating yourself from your friends and family. It feels you are in this dark hole and each time you open your eyes to look, it’s dark, foggy and blurry. You might be experiencing clinical depression.

You are experiencing the following symptoms:  Tiredness all the time; self-criticism; lack of motivation; suicidal thoughts; sleep disturbance; irritability; hopelessness; helplessness; eating too much or too little; ignoring your personal hygiene and many more.

Lola will sit with you in a 1-hour intake session where she seeks to understand your struggle; and more importantly to understand who you are outside of the problems because she believes “YOU ARE NOT YOUR PROBLEMS.” We will explore your current coping strategies with a view to strengthening them and also develop more tools for you.

We use various therapy models ranging from:

CBT: Working collaboratively with clients to identify, assess and change thoughts and beliefs that create Depression

Acceptance and Commitment Therapy: Helping you to identify your emotions, accept them as they are (surf the way of your emotions), and still move at the same time toward your valued direction in life. 

Narrative Therapy: Encouraging you to tell your story in a safe and non-judgemental environment. We identify themes in your story, the hidden heroes and strength you might be too overwhelmed to see. We also challenge assumptions and encourage perspective talking, challenge rigid thinking, increase cognitive flexibility and lessons assumptions. 

We see children, youth, and adults who are struggling with Depression.

“The only thing more exhausting than being depressed is pretending that you’re not.” —Anonymous,

It’s time for you to reach out and call us for a free 15 minutes consultation.

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